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Narrabri Weather News

  • Earthquakes! There continues to be a number of significant earthquakes and aftershocks off the Western Australian coast.
  • Seasonal Update: The latest Seasonal Update brings few surprises, describing that most of the NSW has continued to experience drier than average conditions making the establishment of winter crops very tough.
  • Apparent Temperature: We've just added the apparent temperature to the weather station temperature reports below.
  • Storm Tracker: We've just put a new weather tool together which fuses radar, lightning, visible and infrared satellite imagery and surface observations. Here is the NSW tile. We've also added the satellite coverage to our Oz Forecast Narrabri page.
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Avg Temperature: 14.6 °C
Δ Yesterday: 1.1 °C
Apparent Temp: 9.0 °CAvg Humidity: 55 %Wind Vector: 8.3 km/h SWMax Rainfall: 0.0 mm
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Regional Weather Stations

Narrabri Forecast

This table displays multiple weather forecasts. The Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD), Operational Consensus Forecast (OCF), and Precis text forecasts are courtesy of the Bureau of Meteorology. The Global Forecast System (GFS) weather forecast is obtained from NOAA NOMADS.

Local Webcams

Narrabri webcam

Local RADAR and Lightning

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Narrabri RADAR

Also see: NSW RADAR
RADAR data sourced from Bureau of Meteorology
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