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Comet McNaught in January 2007

Comet McNaught, formally C/2006 P1, was discovered by Coonabarabran/Narrabri astronomer Robert McNaught in August 2006. It turned on a great show in the southern skies for about a week starting on the 14th of January 2007. The nucleus and tail of the comet were easily visible to the naked eye throughout this period. The comet was the brightest comet since 1965.

Rob has a web page with lots of information and some mind blowing photos HERE.

A great photo of the Comet at sunset taken near Mollie Weir. Kindly contributed by Robert Cummings. The comet and Venus visible above the setting sun. By Chris Allen.
By Chris Allen. By Chris Allen.
Long exposure of the Comet. Rotation of the Earth causes the comet to appear as a line in this image. By Chris Allen. An extensive tail was visible as the sky darkened. This is particularly evident in some of Rob McNaught's own photos. Photo by Chris Allen.