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Mt Kaputar Snow in June 2007

June 2007 was the best year for snow on the Nandewar Ranges for several years. There were two heavy snow periods and several light falls in between.

Days of moderate rain and an upper cold pool bought very cold conditions to the area on the 8th and 9th of June 2007. On the 8th the daily maxmimum temperatures recorded around Narrabri were 9-10 degrees. With conditions being so cold, and lots of moisture hanging around, there were good snow falls on the Nandewar Ranges. Over 5cm of snow fell in some places near the Mt Kaputar summit.

The next big fall was on the 27th/28th when snow depths exceeding 10cm were recorded. On these days maximum temperatures on the plains were around 12-14 degrees. Over 10mm of rain was recorded at our Kaputar Rd weather station. The RADAR showed there was significantly more precipitation on the mountains.

On the night of the 8th, and the afternoon of the 28th, we climbed the mountain to obtain the following photos.

28th June

Heavy snowfall between Bark Hut and the Kaputar Summit. Photo by Scott Munting. Snowfall on Mt Dowe. Photo by David Brodrick.
Driving conditions are fine, so long as you don't diverge too far from the track. Photo by Scott Munting. In some places the snow was quite deep. Photo by David Brodrick.
Thick snow at the Mt Kaputar summit. Photo by Scott Munting. Icicles hanging off the railings on the walk to the summit proper. Photo by Scott Munting.
Thick sheet of ice peeling off the geodetic marker on Mt Kaputar. Photo by Scott Munting. Thick snow build up in a tree. Some trees had broken under the weight. Photo by Scott Munting.

8th June

Snow on the Kaputar Plateau Walking Track sign. Photo by Chris Allen. People were camping at the summit! Photo by Chris Allen.
Vehicle tracks in the snow. The road is very dangerous when it is like this.. do not try this at home! Photo by Chris Allen. Thick snow by the side of the road. Photo by Chris Allen.
Thick snow build up. Photo by Chris Allen. This one really shows how much snow had fallen, and was continuing to fall. Photo by Chris Allen.
Icicles hanging off the shelters at Bark Hut. Photo by Chris Allen. The obligatory snow man. Photo by Cindy Martin.