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Mt Kaputar Snow in July 2008

July 2008 saw at least two occasions when snow fell on the Nandewar Ranges. The first fall around 9-10th of July had up to 12mm of snow fall according to the National Parks and Wildlife Service as quoted in The Courier issue published on the 15th July.

The second known fall occurred on the 27th July when the Narrabri Weather team was on Mt Kaputar to witness the whole event, from the first flakes through to liquid rain that washed most of the snow away. Around 10-15mm of powdery snow fell at the summit during this episode. The soft, flat snowflakes reached sizes of over 10mm and were interspersed with falls of small hail-like ice about the size of match heads. Photos of this episode are shown below.

Also see our snow photos from 2007.

The radio transmission towers on Mt Dowe vanishing into the falling snow just as it really started to fall. Photo by David Brodrick. At first the snow wasn't settling on anything but within a few minutes it started to accumulate. Photo by Chris Allen.
David and Darin pose for a photo in the falling snow. Photo by Chris Allen. We were surprised to discover that the snow had traced out the name of our Oz Forecast website on this fallen log. Photo by Darin Hodgson
Snow on the ground at Dawson's Spring. Photo by David Brodrick A picnic table covered in snow at the Kaputar summit. This is about as thick as it got anywhere. Here is a photo of the same table in 2007 when the snow was much heavier. Photo by Chris Allen
Snow in the tree tops at the summit. Photo by Chris Allen The snow was soft and powdery on the walkway at the summit. This changed not long afterwards when liquid rain fell, melting most of the snow and turning the rest to slurry. Photo by Chris Allen
More snow in the trees at the summit. Photo by Chris Allen Chris demonstrates that it wasn't cold at all. Regretfully the thumb required amputation. Photo by David Brodrick
Movie (5MB)
Movie as the snow began to fall at Mt Dowe. Movie by Chris Allen